Delivering WOW Funnels!
Our funnels are the most sought-after funnels in the dental industry because they pre-qualify patients for high-dollar treatment plans. Patients say yes more often and more easily than without a funnel and dental teams are able to close more of cases that will close their practice!
You’ve probably heard us talk about the power of dental funnels to pre-qualify patients into high-dollar treatment plans, and you’ve seen the results that we’ve talked about, so you probably want a funnel for yourself!
  • ​But what if you don’t know where to start with your funnel?
  • Or what if you’re not a tech person so can’t build them out from scratch?
  • What if you just don’t have the time and want the funnel built for you?
Practices come to us all the time with two major complaints (usually we hear from the dentist or the office manager):
  • ​They don’t have the time to build the funnels themselves
  • ​They aren’t techy and keep struggling to make Clickfunnels, Mailchimp and all the other platforms work together
So if this sounds like something your practice needs help with, we’re here to take the tech off your hands!

Does implementing the share funnels and email sequences overwhelm you?

We get it. As the dentist or office manager, if you don’t have the time to build your own funnels and try to figure out Clickfunnels, Zapier and Mailchimp… Even reading about the tech is probably enough to make you feel more stressed than you already are.

Here’s our suggestion: let us take the tech off your hands and build your funnel for you!

Here's how it works:
 You choose the service that you want us to build a funnel for 
 You answer a few questions to give us all the assets we need to customize your funnel
 We build out your funnel and fully customize it in your Clickfunnels account
 We also set up all your email sequences and ensure that all the leads that come through your funnel will be tracked
Phil and Dr. Yemi Workman , Georgia
"We have been able to close multiple $25 plus K cases from our Implant Funnels. What we love most is that in addition to getting patients right away, we also continue to get patients from our automated email campaigns.
Dr. Tien Dang and Tiffany La , Texas
"I learned everything about Facebook, Funnels and growing marketing my practice from Anissa!" We had THOUSANDS following my practice and had over 50 new patients booked months before we opened!”
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