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We Are The Experts In Dental Marketing And Have Created 3 Options 
To Make Marketing Your Practice Easy!
  • Marketing & Practice Growth Challenges: For practices that want us to help you to lauch your next Facebook Campaign!
  • ​Facebook Bootcamp:  30 plus patients a month without discounting and wasting money on Marketing that doesn't work.
  • Monthly Marketing Campaigns to Promote High-Value Services: Fresh content every month so you and your team will never have to be stuck on marketing your practice again:
    "When people ask me how to get new dental patients using Facebook and Funnels, I tell them to go to Anissa. She is the best in the world for dental marketing."
    - Russell Brunson, Founder of Clickfunnels
    While many claim to be the #1 Authority in Dental Marketing, we actually proved that we are:

    We’ve coached over 100's of practices like yours on how to pull in as many new patients as they wanted — on autopilot.

    And we continue to coach and mentor numerous multi-million dollar practices.

    But here’s the kicker…

    NONE of them had prior marketing experience or a huge budget.

    In fact, some were barely out of school, or establishing startups... while others were running established practices that had been plateauing forever.

    Nowadays, these dentists are proud owners of booming practices and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that come with it.

    How can that be?

    Meet Anissa
    Hi, I’m Dr. Anissa Holmes, a dentist and dental marketing expert.

    And if you’re thinking something like, “What makes this dentist a dental marketing expert...?”

    I’ve taught over 1000 dental practices how to successfully market online and consistently bring in new patients through my Facebook Bootcamp and chalenges… I've helped dozens of startups kickstart their practice with over 50 patients booked prior to opening and I've taught my proven frameworks to audiences of 5000+.

    Plus...I’ve trained with the best of the best in Facebook strategy, online marketing, funnel building, and sales, and applied that cutting-edge knowledge to build highly-effective, repeatable processes for stress-free dental practice growth. 


    Dr. Anissa Holmes

    "I ended the month with 114 new Patients, 120K prod 86K collected.........I’m so happy!"

    "I spend less than $500 a month on marketing and my only marketing is what I learned from Dr. Holmes in the Facebook Bootcamp!"

    Dr. Shaina Holman
    “My husband and I joined the Facebook Bootcamp earlier this month. We didn't know what to expect, but after our first live video - we got 12.3k views! It's exciting to see that this stuff really works."
    - Dr. Tien Dang and Tiffany La, Texas
    "I completed my first full week in my start up!!! We were fully booked and had raving fans. 🥰Everything I am learning from Anissa Holmes and the Delivering Wow team is working and producing real results."
    - Dr. Cassandre Joseph, North Carolina
    Check Out Our Options
    In 21 days you will launch a Social Media Campaign, Create Your 12 Month Marketing Plan, and learn how to use Whiteboards to Set Goals and Track all of your services!

    Marketing & Practice Growth Challenge is for you!

    For practices that want us to train you or your team on how to use Facebook to get 30 plus patients a month!

    Facebook Bootcamp is for you!

    We have done all of the work creating the campaigns, images, flyer templates, articles, email templates, and even the funnels. All you have to do is login and get started!

    Fresh monthly content is KEY to engaging your audience.

    The good news is, we’ve designed our funnels with specific strategies to grow your practice -- so you don’t have to!
    Here’s what’s included:
    • MONTHLY FUNNEL LICENSE FEE - Including Clickfunnels License
    • MONTHLY PROVEN FRESH FACEBOOK AD COPY - Copy, also known as the text used in your marketing, is a key component to getting your message across. We’ll provide you with fresh, professional ad copy designed by sales experts to engage your current and prospective patients.
    • MONTHLY FRESH FACEBOOK IMAGES - Beautiful, eye-catching graphics are a huge part of what makes a potential patient “stop the scroll” and notice your ad. And with the fresh images we provide you with every month, your ads will never go stale!
    • MONTHLY ARTICLES - to use in your practice newsletter. Educating your patients is a great way to move them along their journey to saying yes to treatment. We’ll provide you with monthly content that fits into your overall campaigns and helps you meet your practice goals.
    • MONTHLY PATIENT AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGNS including FB Images, Ad Copy, and Flyer Graphics. We’ll show you how to stand out in your community with contests, events, and charitable actions that will build trust and grow your following organically.
    • MONTHLY EMAIL SEQUENCES - We’ll provide you with email sequences that coincide with the month’s funnel to help you in your marketing. These kinds of sales emails can easily run you thousands of dollars if you purchase them through a marketing firm -- but with your membership, they’re all included! 
    • FACEBOOK ADS TRAINING - We’ll teach you everything you need to know about running successful Facebook campaigns. You WILL have to check in and manage your own ads, but don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how and our Social Media Managers are there for support!
    • GOOGLE ADS TRAINING - We’ll also teach you everything you need to know about running successful Google campaigns. 
    • FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP - You’ll receive access to our private members-only group where you can ask questions, share ideas, and interact with other members. You’re never on your own with DELIVERING WOW FUNNELS.
    You could sign up for DELIVERING WOW FUNNELS, and take all the hard work out of running your dental marketing campaigns...


    You could skip DELIVERING WOW FUNNELS and
    • Continue to market the same old ways, getting the same old results
    • ​Spend even more time and money hiring expensive marketing firms to create Facebook Ads and build funnels for you (but remember, a single funnel can easily cost thousands and thousands of dollars -- and with our program, you get a completely built-out funnel plus fresh ads and images EVERY MONTH for a fraction of the cost.)
    ...But I have a feeling you’re too smart to waste your time and money like that. ;-)
    1. Click {SIGN UP FOR DELIVERING WOW FUNNELS TODAY!} and complete the signup form.

    2. You’ll get a confirmation email with instructions to get you started.

    3. We’ll set up your Clickfunnels account, your Facebook Audiences, and everything you need to start running campaigns

    4. You or your team members take 15 minutes to log in and turn on your first campaigns. (Our training will take you through this, step-by-step.) Check in for the first few days and simply turn off any ads that aren’t working. We’ll do everything else.

    5. Sit back and watch as your following builds, your patient base expands, and your practice grows!
    $897 - SETUP FEE (waived for the first 20 signups!)  $897/MONTH 
    This Program Is NOT For You IF…
    • ​You don’t want to market your dental practice online.
    • ​You aren’t willing to dedicate a few minutes every month to promote your practice and build relationships within your community.
    • ​You aren’t open to making changes and implementing new strategies that will transform your practice.
    • ​You don’t want to attract more patients, create beautiful smiles and leave a lasting impact.
    $897 - SETUP FEE (waived for the first 20 signups!)  $897/MONTH 
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