Dental MARKETING made EASY....
The #1 PROGRAM For Dentists, And TEAMS, TO 
Imagine a practice where...
  • You have a constant flow of new ideas and ways to keep your practice top of mind and  team engaged, but also having fun!
  • You are no longer getting stuck, and spending hours searching the internet for ideas on how to market your practice.
  • You’re able to put your marketing on autopilot to consistently and effortlessly bring in patients who love you and can't stop talking about you.
  • You have the time to build a practice of dream patients, because you’re no longer struggling to reinvent the wheel to get your team trained and engaged.
If you’re anything like the practices we’ve worked with, every day in your dental practice is a long list of questions you struggle to answer:
  • How can we get more high-value patients?
  • ​​Where can we get help with coming up with ideas to market the practice?
  • Where can we get images and content to create social media posts?
  • ​Where can we get graphics and flyers to use in our marketing
  • ​Where can I get articles to use for my blog
  • ​How can I fit marketing into my budget?
  • ​Where can I get funnels and email sequences to promote my high-value services?
  • ​Where can my team get help with marketing that actually works.
The Truth...
We know that marketing gets complicated and expensive for many dental practices. We hear all the time that practices don’t feel confident in their investment in marketing because they’re just not sure about the results they’ll receive. 

That’s exactly why we created our Monthly 
Marketing Campaigns. 

To help you simplify your marketing. To take the guesswork out of the process. And to help you get real results that 
you don’t have to invest an arm and a leg for.
If you’ve been through this before, or if you’re going through it right now, I’m here to tell you:
It's normal.
We’re Dentists!

We were trained to do dentistry, not how to market a dental business.

(And P.S., It would be so much easier if we were taught this in school.)

I discovered that success boils down to 2 simple steps:

Step One. Define Your Vision. Figure out exactly what you want to stand for and who you want to attract to your practice.

Step Two. Implement Systems. Implement simple, straightforward systems to transform your vision into a reality.
That’s where I come in.
Monthly Marketing Campaigns
We will help you or your team to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. And to make it easier, we will lead a campaign with you and your team every month!

Plus, you will get images, ads, practice fliers, newsletter templates and articles to build more raving fans with existing patients, get your community to talk about you, and to market your high-value services so you become the most engaging, relevant, and talked-about practice in your community. 

- Dr. Candy Cole, North Carolina
“I created a marketing plan for next year and use the marketing campaigns for simplicity. We just assign relevant ideas to team members and allow them creative license to carry it out. Makes it easier without guesswork!"

Every Month You Will Receive ...
  • 3 Brand New FULLY BUILT OUT community marketing campaigns with what to do and how
  • ​Creative Facebook and Instagram images
  • Engaging Facebook and Instagram post copy
  • Exquisitely written patient newsletter templates
  • ​Beautiful practice flyer templates
  • ​Plus additional campaigns for Smile Makeover Competitions, Invisalign Flash Sales, Floss Challenges and MORE
...To Engage, Build Your Brand and 
Create More Raving Fans
There are many great options for marketing out there. 

What makes Delivering WOW different and why practice owners and teams love the Delivering WOW Marketing Campaigns is that not only is the program affordable, but we focus on giving you creative ideas of how to involve and ENGAGE your patients, your team and community.

We then give you the resources so your team can execute quickly. 
Dr. Richard Downing
 "I can tell you this: before signing up we didn’t have a clue where to start. The campaigns have given us a roadmap to do what other marketing companies charge a lot to do. People don't want boring “what your favorite side dish at Thanksgiving kinda posts”. They want real content created by “real” people. Without “real” content is just worthless wasted gibberish."
Market High-Value 
We know that many practices  want to focus on more than just branding, so to make it easy, every month you will receive new fully built high-value marketing campaigns.

You will get images, articles, ad copy, and funnel templates for you to market 12 different services... plus you will also receive 6 part email sequences as an 
added bonus!

  • Implant Campaigns
  • Invisalign®  Campaigns
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Campaigns
  • Sleep Apnea
  • ​Pediatric Dentistry
  • ​Orthodontics
  • ​Teeth Whitening Campaigns
  • ​Oral Surgery Campaigns
  • ​Safe Amalgam Removal Campaigns
  • ​Cavity Risk Assessment Campaigns
  • ​Six Month Smiles® Campaigns
  • ​Perio Campaigns
...Making Marketing Easy!
- Phil and Dr. Yemi Workman
"We have been able to close multiple $25 plus K cases from our Implant Funnel template that you provided. 

What we love most is that in addition to getting patients right away, we also continue to get patients from our automated email campaigns."
What Makes This Different...
There are many great options for marketing out there. What makes Delivering WOW different and why practice owners and teams love the Delivering WOW Marketing Campaigns is that not only is the program affordable, but we focus on giving you creative ideas of how to involve and ENGAGE your patients, your team and community.

We then give you the resources so your team can execute quickly

Our practice owners and teams don't waste time coming up with ideas, designing flyers, knowing what to write for newsletters and emails, choosing images for social media and designing content. 

Delivering WOW is NOT a stock content service. Our program helps your practice to build real ENGAGEMENT which is what works.

With our resources, most practices spend less than an hour or so a month on marketing.

What You Can Expect...
Even if you’ve tried marketing before that hasn’t worked... and even if your team is not tech-savvy or creative...

Our Monthly Marketing Campaigns will simplify your marketing... 

Taking the guesswork out of the process so that you can finally begin to see results without investing thousands of dollars to do so.
Dr. Jeremy and Emily Brown, Idaho
“These Marketing Campaigns give us the outline for everything but still allows for us to make it our own and be authentic. We don’t want to be pushing out canned content with lame articles and boring stock photos and this helps us to know WHAT to do but still be able to customize so its real and authentic."
Why You're Here...
You're here right now because you're looking for people who get it and get you...people who get what it's like to be running a dental practice, people who have been in the trenches.

You're tired of trying to reinvent the wheel. 

You want someone to translate the latest marketing strategies so you can implement them in your business.

You want a mentor to show you the most effective ways to market and build an incredibly powerful marketing strategy.

You want to look at your bottom line and know that you are in a secure place.

Your practice needs to become more vibrant, and in order to do that you know that you need a roadmap and proven process.

We’ve noticed the difference in the practices that we work with: those who have leaders who invest in their personal development, their business, and their teams... 

Those who seek out the very best people in the industry to train them and their teams so they don’t waste time trying to figure things out themselves...

For those practices, issues like hiring, scheduling, leadership, case acceptance, overhead, dependence on insurance, marketing, mindset and tracking their success no longer hold them back.
Practices that take advantage of all the resources we offer, experience the kind of growth they had only dreamed about:
- Tiffany La, Texas
"It makes it so easy for us since we don't have to think of any of the concept campaigns. They are effective and easy to follow. 
Thank you!"

If you’re ready to grow, we’re here to give you the resources you need, 
so that you can move into your next phase of success:
What comes next is...
  • A thriving team without the typical office-gossip, where everyone knows the monthly and quarterly goals and works together to achieve them.
  • ​ No more discount-dentistry, instead the practice’s schedule is filled with high-dollar patients who walk through the doors ready for treatment.
  • ​A practice that has moved beyond insurance dependence and that sends out fewer claims with fewer errors. A practice gets paid faster when claims are sent.
  • Marketing that actually works to bring in new patients, re-engage old patients, and increases the visibility profile of the practice in the community.
  • ​An ability to get out of your practice's walls a couple times a year to attend live Mastermind events.
  • An ability to get course correction so you don't have to get overwhelmed and stuck. 
  • ​Practice growth of 20-50% year over year with our proven systems and roadmap.
 Bottom Line....
Our marketing campaigns will give you the shortcuts you need so you can be able grow your practice, while building a legacy of being the most caring, engaging and dedicated practice in your community.
A Final Note from Anissa:
The path to your impactful WOW practice begins TODAY. 

All you have to do is make the choice to commit to your practice’s growth and success.

The question is, ARE YOU ready to TAKE ACTION to grow your business to secure your financial future?

If so, what are you waiting for? 

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