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DWOW Marketing Supercharge... 

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Delivering Wow’s SUPERCHARGE MARKETING PROGRAM is a one-of-a-kind program that will jumpstart your practice's marketing and start bringing new patients right away!
We're going to be putting your marketing into OVERDRIVE by stacking multiple marketing campaigns to rapidly grow your Facebook audience and convert existing patients into raving fans.

Once done, your HIGH-VALUE ads and funnels will be set up so you will be able to attract more high-value patients who value your practice.  

The Supercharge Program will change your practice forever. It will set you on a path to profitability and transform the way you work. 

ONLY $4997
 $1997 per year

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Now is the time to 
Market Post-Covid...

Why? Because as we all know, anything that improves does so for one reason only... because we make it a priority.

As I reflected this year, I asked myself, "What's holding people back from growing their practices and marketing? Where are people getting stuck?"

After helping thousands of practices over the years with marketing, I've discovered, it's ALWAYS one of two reasons:

People need help with knowing what to do and resources to do it...

And number two, people need ACCOUNTABILITY.

So I had this idea to do something I've 
never done…
I created Facebook Supercharge....

The results were so POWERFUL  that I decided to expand the program to include our complete marketing training portal, monthly fully built marketing campaigns,  weekly office hours, and a monthly marketing call!

 Is filling your schedule a priority for you? The Supercharge Marketing Program is designed to get your practice schedule booked out quickly — and give you everything you need to transform your dental practice and keep it productive and profitable for the long term.   

Use a proven system that works. 
Dr. Bronywn Hagan, North Carolina
2 new patients every single day this week (and more scheduled Saturday and next week)... ALL from Facebook (in addition to a few other word of mouth NPs). One was a $30k case that I closed today! Wooo 🥰🤩
Significant Visibility!
48 Shares, 11,000 Views!

Dr. Paul Nguyen, New Orleans
We saw 52 Patients in our first month being open 5 days a week for a brand new startup with a half staff of 2 team members. No other marketing besides Facebook.  Patients come in ready to accept high-value services, and I just had a $16,000 day!  🥰
No Thanks! I Don't Want To Get More New Patients or Set My Practice Up For Success!
"When people ask me how to get new dental patients using Facebook and Funnels, I tell them to go to Anissa. She is the best in the world for dental marketing."
- Russell Brunson, Founder of Clickfunnels
While many claim to be the #1 Authority in Dental Marketing, we actually proved that we are:

We’ve coached over 1000's of practices like yours on how to pull in as many new patients as they wanted — on autopilot.

And we continue to coach and mentor amazing colleagues.

But here’s the kicker…

NONE of them had prior marketing experience or a huge budget.

In fact, some were barely out of school, or establishing startups... while others were multi-million dollar practices looking to scale or established practices that had been plateauing forever.

Nowadays, these colleagues are proud owners of booming practices and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that come with it.

How can that be?

Meet Anissa
Hi, I’m Dr. Anissa Holmes, a dentist, and dental marketing expert.

And if you’re thinking something like, “What makes this dentist a dental marketing expert...?”

I’ve taught over 1000 dental practices how to successfully market online and consistently bring in new patients through my Facebook Bootcamp and challenges… I've helped dozens of startups kickstart their practice with over 50 patients booked prior to opening, and I've taught my proven frameworks to audiences of 5000+.

I'm a real dentist who's been in the trenches, and built multi-million dollar practices using the proven marketing frameworks that I teach and share with you.

Plus...I’ve trained with the best of the best in Facebook strategy, online marketing, funnel building, automation and sales, and applied that cutting-edge knowledge to build highly-effective, repeatable processes for stress-free dental practice growth. 


Dr. Anissa Holmes
"When people ask me how to get new dental patients using Facebook and Funnels, I tell them to go to Anissa." Russell Brunson,  Founder of Click Funnels.
If you’ve been through this before, or if you’re going through it right now, I’m here to tell you:
It's normal
We’re dentists!

We were trained in school to do dentistry, not how to market and grow a dental business.

(And P.S., It would be so much easier if we were taught this in school.)

That’s where I come in.

Join Me In Supercharge Now To Get:

  • Complete access to our proven system for growing your practice — and getting patients in your chairs
  • Access to our tried and tested formula  and content for supercharging your growth and marketing campaigns to get you even more visibility and community trust
  • Access to my Facebook Bootcamp course, which will teach you exactly how to create posts and campaigns that go viral and get seen by thousands of potential new patients
  • Put your Facebook into OVERDRIVE by stacking proven campaigns, such as the Marketing & Practice Growth Challenge Gift Card Campaign with Project Smile or a Community Heart Campaign to rapidly grow your Facebook audience
  • Comprehensive training and templates you can use to launch an end-of-year Use It or Lose it campaign for those patients who still have unused insurance benefits
  • WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS and expert help and assistance to launch your campaigns to fill your schedule and expand your services
Marketing Training....
  • Develop your 12 MONTH MARKETING PLAN
  • Learn and implement the latest Ground Marketing Strategies
  • Set up and optimize your YouTUBE Channel with proven KEYWORDS that work!
  • Learn how to use CANVA to create graphics ON THE FLY!
  • Learn how to post to and optimize Google My Business to get patients to book right away!
  • Learn how to use Tik Tok for Dentistry
  • Learn how to setup and integrate Google Ads into your marketing
  • And much more...

New campaigns are added each month, and all campaigns include step by step instructions, social media images, practice fliers, and newsletter templates. No more wasting time creating graphics and getting stuck trying to figure out what to do!

Fully Built Campaigns....
  • Implement Tooth Talk Thursdays to connect with your community and grow your following
  • Set up an Invisalign Flash Sale
  • Market Perio Protect to  expand Hygiene services and revenue 
  • Create a Reactivation campaign
  • Launch a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway
  • Effectively launch a Smile Makeover competition
  • Create a 30 day floss challenge
  • Promote practice gift-cards
  • And so much more...

Create High Value Ads....
  • Fresh new images every month to promote your high-value services utilizing our content pool feature, so no two practices see the same content!
  • Services include Cosmetic  Dentistry,  All on 4, Implants, Invisalign, Pediatric Dentistry, Ortho, and more...
  • Monthly articles to use for your patient emails, on your website, or your blog
  • Email sequences to use for existing patients or in your email marketing campaigns!
  • Share funnels for each service so you can automate growing your email list!
  • And much more...
Plus Get Facebook Bootcamp!!!
All sessions are facilitated ONLINE and RECORDED for future playback.
SESSION 1: The 3 Secrets To Facebook Success/FB Funnels/FB Live
Find out my top three secrets to success for Facebook, including how to create sharable viral campaigns, how to build thousands of raving fans through Facebook,  and little known Facebook hacks for growing an audience of potential patients!
SESSION 2: Creating Audiences to Target High-Income Earners and Ideal New Patients
It’s one thing to bring patients through the door. It’s yet another to bring patients through the door who will agree to treatment. In this session, learn how to boost the right way,  how to get your ads seen by high-income earners in your area or people who have visited your website, and how to get your patients to become raving fans to provide social proof.
SESSIONS 3: Creating High-Converting Campaigns 
Through years of training with the best of the best in online marketing, I’ve built successful campaigns to bring in new patients that have worked for dental practices of all shapes and sizes, and I want yours to be one of them. Learn my best practices and utilize my proven ad frameworks!
SESSION 4: Utilizing Funnels to Capture Leads and Grow Your Email List
The next level of marketing is adding in AUTOMATION.  Learn how to use  our PROVEN included funnel templates to launch your startup, grow your email list and capture leads for your high-value services!
Facebook marketing is the quickest, most effective, and most affordable way to get new patients through the door.

When patients come in through Facebook, they know you and your practice already, so trust is already built, and case acceptance goes up.

Our dental practice is not just going to build itself. We must have a way to bring in more patients to serve them, live out our dream of being a dentist, and ensure that our practice has real profits.

 When You Join Now, You  Can Start Your BONUS Superchage Campaigns Right Away!
From Colleagues...
Dr. Aleksander Vojdanoski, Florida
"We are just starting with the Facebook Bootcamp and I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned. I tried doing ads myself last year and completely failed. We just gave up on marketing. This program is great!"
Dr. Cindy Chay, New Jersey
“I've grown my page likes quickly, organically reached more people for engagement, and have stopped paying for social media services, all because you have shown me how to do it the right way.”
This can be YOUR dental practice when you sign up for the Supercharge Marketing Program!
ONLY $4997
ONLY $1997

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