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The #1 PROGRAM For Dentists, And TEAMS, TO 

Facebook Bootcamp Supercharge... 
Get READY for the Fall Gap!

Delivering Wow’s SUPERCHARGE FACEBOOK BOOTCAMP is a one-of-a-kind program that will jumpstart your Facebook marketing and start bringing new patients into your practice, right away!
We are going to be putting your Facebook into OVERDRIVE by stacking multiple marketing campaigns to rapidly grow your Facebook audience. 

Once done, your HIGH-VALUE ads and or funnel will be set up so you will NOT experience the hygiene gap in October-November.

The Supercharge Challenge will change your practice forever. It will set you on a path to profitability and transform the way you work. 

ONLY $3997
Are you ready for the Fall Gap?
NOW is actually the month that we need to prepare for the last quarter of this and 2021.

Why? Because as we all know, there were no patients in many of our practices in  March...so six months from then when it's September and October there's going to actually be a gap, and definitely a gap in hygiene.

So at the beginning of June I asked myself "How do we fill that gap? How do we prepare for that gap?" How do we prevent  that gap?"

And then I asked myself, "What's holding people back from growing their practices and marketing? Where are people getting stuck?

After helping thousands of practices over the years with marketing, I've discovered, it's ALWAYS of two reasons

People need knowledge of how to implement marketing correctly...

And number two, people need ACCOUNTABILITY.

So I had this idea to do something I've 
never done…
I created Facebook Supercharge....

 Is your fall schedule a priority to you? The Facebook Supercharge Program is designed to get your fall schedule booked out quickly — and give you everything you need to transform your dental practice and keep it productive and profitable for the long term.   

Use a proven system that works. 
Dr. Bronywn Hagen, North Carolina
2 new patients every single day this week (and more scheduled Saturday and next week)... ALL from Facebook (in addition to a few other word of mouth NPs). One was a $30k case that I closed today! Wooo 🥰🤩
Significant Visibility!
48 Shares, 11,000 Views!

Dr. Cassandre Joseph, North Carolina
This supercharge challenge is on 🔥. We already got 2 new patients that booked online a few minutes after I made my big announcement. I can’t wait to complete this smile makeover 🥰🤩
No Thanks! I Don't Want To Get More New Patients or Set My Practice Up For Success!
"When people ask me how to get new dental patients using Facebook and Funnels, I tell them to go to Anissa. She is the best in the world for dental marketing."
- Russell Brunson, Founder of Clickfunnels
While many claim to be the #1 Authority in Dental Marketing, we actually proved that we are:

We’ve coached over 100's of practices like yours on how to pull in as many new patients as they wanted — on autopilot.

And we continue to coach and mentor numerous multi-million dollar practices.

But here’s the kicker…

NONE of them had prior marketing experience or a huge budget.

In fact, some were barely out of school, or establishing startups... while others were running established practices that had been plateauing forever.

Nowadays, these dentists are proud owners of booming practices and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that come with it.

How can that be?

Meet Anissa
Hi, I’m Dr. Anissa Holmes, a dentist and dental marketing expert.

And if you’re thinking something like, “What makes this dentist a dental marketing expert...?”

I’ve taught over 1000 dental practices how to successfully market online and consistently bring in new patients through my Facebook Bootcamp and challenges… I've helped dozens of startups kickstart their practice with over 50 patients booked prior to opening and I've taught my proven frameworks to audiences of 5000+.

Plus...I’ve trained with the best of the best in Facebook strategy, online marketing, funnel building, and sales, and applied that cutting-edge knowledge to build highly-effective, repeatable processes for stress-free dental practice growth. 


Dr. Anissa Holmes
"When people ask me how to get new dental patients using Facebook and Funnels, I tell them to go to Anissa." Russell Brunson,  Founder of Click Funnels.

"I ended the month with 114 new Patients, 120K prod 86K collected.........I’m so happy!"

"I spend less than $500 a month on marketing and my only marketing is what I learned from Dr. Holmes in the Facebook Bootcamp!"

Dr. Shaina Holman
Let Me Guess...
  • You want to understand the latest strategies for optimizing your marketing
  • You’re struggling to find a consistent source of new patients 
  • You want to create more revenue with ease.
  • You’re worried because your practice isn’t growing fast enough
  • You’re wanting to make a bigger IMPACT on the lives of your patients, your teams, and your community.
  • Your practice is flat and you want to grow and scale your business
  • AND you want to look at your bottom line and know that you are in a secure place.
"There is proven framework for getting a consistent flow of high value patients. "
That’s why you’re here.

You're looking to get more new patients every month, so you can serve them and make a difference in their lives.


...If you’ve just gotten started, you want success right away. You want to 50 plus patients booked before you open and you want to learn how other startups have done the same.

...If you’ve been trying to build your dental practice for a while, you're looking to grow and scale your practice and want to learn how our practice owners have been able to bring in 40-50 patients a month from Facebook.

You’re ready to grow your practice.
You’ve got patients to see, and 
you need to get more 
through the door,
I know, I’ve been there. 
I came out of school EXCITED to treat my patients and better serve my community and instead had to dive into understanding the complexities of managing PEOPLE, creating SYSTEMS, learning MARKETING and discovering the TOOLS for profitability and accountability so the business would grow.

And more than anything, I just remember thinking:
“This is not what I signed up for...”
If you’ve been through this before, or if you’re going through it right now, I’m here to tell you:
It's normal
We’re dentists!

We were trained to do dentistry, not how to run a dental business.

(And P.S., It would be so much easier if we were taught this in school.)

That’s where I come in.
Our next Supercharge Starts October 5th and when You Join Now, You Can Start Your 
BONUS Superchage Campaigns Right Away!
Join Me In Supercharge Now To Get:
  • Complete access to our proven system for growing your practice — and getting patients in your chairs
  • Access to our tried and tested formula for supercharging your growth and marketing campaign to get you even more visibility and community trust
  • Access to my Facebook Bootcamp course which will teach you exactly how to create posts and campaigns that go viral and get seen by thousands of potential new patients
  • Put your Facebook into OVERDRIVE by stacking the Marketing & Practice Growth Challenge Gift Card Campaign with Project Smile or a Community Heart Campaign to rapidly grow your Facebook audience.
  • Comprehensive training and templates you can use to launch an end-of-year Use It or Lose it campaign for those patients who still have unused insurance benefits
  • Expert help and assistance to launch a Perio Protect hygiene campaign to fill your hygiene schedule during the pending gap
No Thanks! I Don't Want To Get More New Patients or Set My Practice Up For Success!
Dr. Brownyn Hagan and Margaret Fitzsimons, New York
Did not anticipate over 22K views on our day 4 giveaway. Thank you so much Anissa for growing our Facebook audience in such a short period of time!! We went back and looked at FB reach from earlier this year… March - 342, July - 59,543!! Engagement increase of 341%!!! 

The results are all from Anissa’s strategy!! We just followed her system 😄
Dr. Maggie Fisher, Wisconsin
Dental Boss Win: we hit our GoFundMe goal for our Community Heart Campaign yesterday. (I had set it at $500 as I'm a start up in a rural area) we are at $555 with a couple of more days to encourage my community to donate! 🥰
Why Facebook Marketing?
Well, let me put it simply -- Facebook marketing is the quickest, most effective, and most affordable way to get new patients through the door.

When patients come in through Facebook they know you and your practice already so trust is already built and case acceptance goes up.

Our dental practice is not just going to build itself. We must have a way to bring in more patients to serve them, live out our dream of being a dentist, and ensure that our practice has real profits.

Imagine A Practice Where...
  • You’re able to put your marketing on autopilot to consistently, effortlessly bring new patients into your practice
  • You’re profitable, and you can feel confident that your bills are paid AND an sleep well knowing your business is on track
  • You have the time to build a team of rock stars, because you look at your bottom line and know that you are in a secure place.
  • You get to do more of the dentistry you love
  • You always have an ideal patient waiting to see you in the chair, ready to agree to the best treatment you can offer!
 When You Join Now, You  Can Start Your BONUS Superchage Campaigns Right Away!
This can be YOUR dental practice when you sign up for Supercharge Facebook Bootcamp!
ONLY $3997
ONLY $1297
SUPERCHARGE FACEBOOK BOOTCAMP is a one-of-a-kind program that will jumpstart your Facebook marketing and start bringing new patients into your practice, right away!
You’ll receive EVERYTHING you need to run high-converting Facebook ad campaigns -- the strategy of what to post, the knowledge of how to get your ads seen at the lowest cost, and the verbiage of how to close cases...plus images, sample ads and funnels to attract more high-value cases.
Here's What's Included
  • 3 FACEBOOK BOOTCAMP MASTERCLASSES - In these sessions, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing, and how to implement these strategies to grow your dental practice quickly and affordably! ($2298 VALUE)
  • FACEBOOK HIGH-INCOME TARGETING SECRETS - Discover the secrets to reaching high-income patients who will walk into your practice ready to receive treatment. ($1097 VALUE)
  • INSTAGRAM SECRETS TRAINING - Learn how to set yourself up for Insta-success using our proven strategies and secrets. ($997 VALUE)
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY ADS for Invisalign, Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and More. Adapt these tried-and-true ad formats to your practice to achieve the same results! ($3248 VALUE)
  • DONE-FOR-YOU IMAGE LIBRARY - You’ll need eye-catching, share-worthy visuals to advertise your business, and we’ve got ‘em! ($997 VALUE)
  • BONUS #1: AUTOMATED DENTAL IMPLANT FUNNEL - This proven sales funnel allows you to fill in the blanks and run ads to acquire new dental implant clients -- on autopilot! ($3248 VALUE)
  • BONUS #2: AUTOMATED INVISALIGN FUNNEL - This high-income funnel allows you to fill in the blanks and run ads to acquire new Invisalign clients -- on autopilot! ($3248 VALUE)
  • BONUS #3: AUTOMATED COSMETIC DENTISTRY FUNNEL - This tried-and-true sales funnel allows you to fill in the blanks and run ads to acquire new Cosmetic Dentistry clients -- on autopilot! ($3248 VALUE)
  • BONUS #4: THE 2-QUESTION CLOSE so that you can easily close clients over the phone by asking two simple questions. This technique gives me over 80% close ratios! ($997 VALUE)
  • BONUS #5: ACCESS TO THE PRIVATE STUDENT GROUP so that you can strategize and get help from previous students who are KILLING IT. (PRICELESS)
Tiffany La, Texas
“My husband and I joined the facebook boot camp earlier this month. We didn't know what to expect, but after our first live video - we got 12.3k views! Its exciting to see that this stuff really works. We just finished the third session today and it has been super helpful. We're a start up so we its been really helpful to learn how to target the different markets, create ads, and funnels! 
Dr. Shannon McCarthy, New York
"The training has been so effective for my practice. If you buckle down and learn this stuff it will change your whole game!!!"
Your investment - ONLY $3997
ONLY $1297
Live Session-by-Session Breakdown
All sessions are ONLINE and RECORDED for future playback.
SESSION 1: The 3 Secrets To Facebook Success/FB Funnels/FB Live
Find out my top three secrets to success for Facebook, including how to create sharable viral campaigns, how to build thousands of raving fans through Facebook,  and little known Facebook hacks for growing an audience of potential patients!
SESSION 2: Creating Audiences to Target High-Income Earners and Ideal New Patients
It’s one thing to bring patients through the door. It’s yet another to bring patients through the door who will agree to treatment. In this session, learn how to boost the right way,  how to get your ads seen by high-income earners in your area or people who have visited your website, and how to get your patients to become raving fans to provide social proof.
SESSIONS 3&4: Creating High-Converting Campaigns and New Patient Acquisition Funnels
Through years of training with the best of the best in online marketing, I’ve built successful campaigns to bring in new patients that have worked for dental practices of all shapes and sizes, and I want yours to be one of them. Learn my best practices and utilize my proven ad frameworks!
In addition to the 4-one hour live Calls with Anissa, you will also get access to our signature  Dental Online Funnel Mastery Course Plus a Dental Implant Funnel, Images, and Email Sequences so you can generate more high-converting leads!

You will also get FREE access to to the October Virtual Marketing Intensive2 Power Marketing Workshops included with Anissa on Facebook as well as experts to help you get started with setting up your YouTube, Instagram,  Ground Marketing and automating Online reviews! ($3500 value💜)
By the end of this bootcamp, you’ll be ready to keep attracting new patients month after month.
And you’ll have peace of mind, too, knowing that your practice is growing, your patients are happy, and new patients
 keep coming through the door...and ready to refer their friends and family.
ONLY $3997
ONLY $1297
I have VERY LITTLE TIME. What’s the time commitment like for this program?
As a dentist myself, I know we’re ALWAYS short on time -- and that’s why I’ve designed the program to get you up-and-running right away. 
Can one of my team members attend Bootcamp instead of me?
Absolutely! Facebook Bootcamp works for dentists and dental team members alike, however it is HIGHLY recommended that the doctor attends the live sesions.
Will Facebook Bootcamp work for me, even if my area is really saturated with competitors?
We’ve seen dental practices from all SORTS of markets achieve the same amazing results by following the strategies taught in Facebook Bootcamp. 
From Facebook Bootcampers
Dr. Aleksander Vojdanoski, Florida
"We are just starting with the Facebook Bootcamp and I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned. I tried doing ads myself last year and completely failed. We just gave up on marketing. This program is great!"
Dr. Cindy Chay, New Jersey
“I've grown my page likes quickly, organically reached more people for engagement, and have stopped paying for social media services, all because you have shown me how to do it the right way.”
From Facebook Bootcampers
Next Steps
1. Click "JOIN BOOTCAMP TODAY!" to get started and get immediate access to the training portal and marketing materials.

2. Join over 1000 dental practice owners who have been able to market and grow their practices thanks to Facebook Bootcamp!

3. Get ready to Supercharge your Margeting and grow your practice fast!

ONLY $3997
ONLY $1297
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